Securities Enforcement/Defense Attorneys

We represent financial professionals, financial institutions, hedge funds and investors in securities investigations and enforcement proceedings.

Representing a client during a securities regulatory or enforcement matter requires specific legal experience and particularized knowledge. Two of our partners, James D. Sallah and Jeffrey L. Cox, are both former Senior SEC Enforcement attorneys. Mr. Sallah is also a former Associate Corporate Counsel of a national brokerage firm. Mr. Cox is a both a former SEC Special Assistant United States Attorney and a former AUSA responsible for prosecuting economic crimes. Another partner, Mark J. Astarita, has spent three decades representing firms and individuals in a wide range of SEC and FINRA enforcement actions. They have the in-depth experience and knowledge needed to navigate securities regulators’ scrutiny.

Securities regulation and enforcement matters may be initiated by a number of regulatory agencies, including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), stock exchanges, state financial agencies, and foreign regulatory bodies. These agencies investigate and file civil regulatory actions involving violations ranging from unregistered offerings to securities fraud. Indeed, an enforcement action can result in court-ordered receiverships, temporary restraining orders (TROs), preliminary and permanent injunctions, asset freezes, disgorgement, severe monetary penalties, officer and director bars, penny stock bars, and administrative orders barring individuals or entities from the securities industry.

The mere existence of an informal inquiry or formal investigation can destroy an individual’s reputation or an entity’s name. Simply put, it is critical to be represented by experienced counsel. Securities laws and regulations are also routinely changed and reinterpreted by courts and regulators. For example, FINRA regularly issues “Notices to Members” interpreting NASD and NYSE rules and regulations. Changes to rules and regulations could severely impact your case or dispute.

To ensure zealous and aggressive representation, our firm stays up-to-date on the latest changes and interpretations to the securities laws and regulations, and are the authors of a monthly newsletter which provides analysis of those issues – The Securities Law Letter.

Our attorneys have defended individuals and corporate officers, registered representatives, member firms, and others before securities regulators. We represent clients at each critical juncture in an SEC enforcement proceeding, including from an initial inquiry, through a formal investigation, including responding to administrative subpoenas for documents and “on-the-record” testimony, through response to a Wells Notice, and during litigation, including during settlement negotiations, pre-trial hearings, administrative hearings, and federal trials.

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